Debbie Beam | Lake Norman Real Estate North Carolina

Cliff and Debbie Jones, Buena Vista Dr., Sailview

“We met Debbie Beam when we decided to sell our home just after the 9/11 tragedy. At that time real estate was definitely on a down hill slope, and the market was at it’s worst. However, Debbie tried everything to sell our home. She held a luncheon, had several open houses, advertised numerous ways, remained optimistic, re-assuring, and very upbeat, all to no avail. After much thought we decided to take it off the market until a later date. Even after we had taken it off Debbie would still take valuable time away from her days looking for something that might interest us. In Feb. of 2004 Debbie advised us she felt it was time to re-list our home. She again, spent countless hours showing us listings of interest. In March of 2004 she showed us a house we liked and felt it would meet our needs. We entered negotiations to purchase with a May 18th closing date. During this time Debbie continued to show our house to many interested buyers. On the “DAY” we were to “CLOSE” on the new property Debbie brought us an appealing contract on our house that we accepted. To this day I’m still wondering how she pulled that one off!!

Debbie was always honest and up front with us and was very patient when answering our questions and putting our concerns and anxieties to rest. Debbie treated us like a special friend, not just a client.

With the wonderful experiences we had with Debbie we would not be surprised to find out she was the number one seller in 2005. Thank you Debbie for making our real estate transactions a pleasant one.”